High performance, enhanced competitiveness

Through our entities REEL Alesa, NKM Noell Special Cranes and REEL COH, we provide customised solutions that address aluminium industry challenges and complexities for clients worldwide.

Our end-to-end lifting and materials handling equipment and services accelerate process automation, maximise smelter performance and safeguard employee health and safety.

Our goal is to optimise your processes and performance, while reducing your plants’ environmental footprint.

Whether for greenfield or brownfield operations, our broad portfolio of innovative and proven technologies will boost your competitiveness.

Continuously investing in new technologies enables us to further sharpen your competitive edge.

We understand the demands of your operating environment and tailor our solutions to meet these demands.

Our focus is on adding value at every step, from engineering and project management, to procurement and manufacturing, to site works and maintenance.

With 5 manufacturing sites on two continents, we’re recognised for our responsiveness, flexibility and deep expertise in aluminium production process integration and automation.

A dedicated project management team draws on industry best practices to minimise your operation and maintenance costs as well as optimise your lifecycle management.

Integrating the latest technologies allows us to take your operations to a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.

This is our commitment to you.

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Thank you to all of our employees for their involvement, support, courage and solidarity

ITER Council milestone #50 successfully achieved . WELL DONE to ALL

It was a display of Titans, with no less than 1,000 tonnes of steel and concrete test loads attached to the giant hoists

As the world mobilizes to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus,

REEL and REEL NKM NOELL  stand together with all their 2’300 employees, with all their customers and suppliers.

ITER : Upending the steel cradle

Travelling the entire length of the assembly space (~ 170 metres), the REEL overhead cranes will be the workhorses