Our commitments

A daily commitment to each and every client.

“We love our profession and would like to share it with you.
Our teams will rise to your challenges with enthusiasm, supported by the complementarity and synergy of our skills and expertise.
We love opening up fresh possibilities and re-inventing ourselves for you. “


  • A steadfast, prime concern for workplace Health and Safety.
  • The pursuit of both financial and technical Performance, as well as  the ongoing pursuit of Customer Satisfaction. Over time, through quality, attention to customer needs, service, responsiveness, technical innovation,  and a pragmatic, flexible approach, REEL teams have built and consolidated  company success on the basis of customer satisfaction and ensuing loyalty.
    The two contribute to the sustainability and the financial and strategic  independence of the company.
  • Respect for others, whether they are employees, customers, partners,  suppliers, or competitors, is one of the company’s firmest values. Respect  for Group employees involves their professional fulfillment and career paths within the company. Respect for the environment is also a part of this overall  approach.
  • The day-to-day Commitment of the men and women who make up REEL.
    Their involvement, the responsibility they demonstrate, their honesty, and the loyalty that guides them help instill and uphold a true climate of trust,  both within the company and in relation to partners and customers.
  •  Lastly, the Passion that drives the vast majority of Group employees is also a  strong, engaging component, and thus a shared value. Passion for the technical  aspects of work, for a job well done and the pride that stems from it, and for the  pleasure of working in a healthy climate for a company that keeps human values  at the forefront.

These values all contribute to what some people call “the REEL Spirit”, which also plays a significant role in the quality of the work we do and the reputation of our teams.

Over the years, team spirit, solidarity, a spirit of sharing, and the ongoing intercultural exchanges associated with the professionalism of REEL employees have shaped this “REEL Spirit”, which is more easily recognized than defined.

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ITER : Load tests Heavyweight champion

Philippe Frantz, elected président of the Nuclear Valley, pole of competitiveness of the French nuclear sector

Purpose-built bulk handling cranes from REEL-NKM Noell

The REEL-NKM Noell single boom crane offer the highest capabilities at a lower cost.