Stud Pulling Cranes

Suitable for -40  +65°C ambient temperature

Stud rotation torque 35 kNm and 360o angle

Stud pulling 8 mT qWrench opening / closing torque 1.2 / 1.5 kNm

Stud paste hopper 0.5 m3

Stud paste dosing in different doses 3-11 kg / dose

Crucible hoist 12.5 mT


Main functions

Heated and/or air-conditioned cabin with ergonomically designed, fully adjustable operator chair with touch screen
Heated and/or (redundant) air-conditioned electrical room / panels
Main trolley with stud pulling tools, paste filling & crucible and optionally stud rack handling
Optional trolley with retractable cabin and stud carousel
Electrically hoisted, hydraulically operated stud puller
Hydraulically operated clamp wrench or wrenches
Electrically & hydraulically operated stud paste filling systems
Paste filling with accurate vibrating feeders and replaceable hoppers
Paste spouts with bus bar brushes
Electrically hoisted and rotated crucible
Accurate tapping weighing system
Laser system for stud levelling
Mirror and camera system, particularly in view of the inner studs

Compelling benefits

Optional automatic positioning system on long – and cross travel

Optional data communication with the plant via Wi-Fi Ethernet

Maximized maintenance access

Frequency controlled long – and cross travel, and cabin -, stud puller, and crucible hoist

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REEL International acquires the Aluminium Emission Control business of GE Steam Power in Norway

REEL International acquires the Aluminium Emission Control business of GE Steam Power in Norway

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REEL international SAS completed on April 1st, 2021 the acquisition of Metso Outotec’s aluminium business

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REEL wishes you a Happy New Year 2021 !

We wish you a happy new year 2021