Pot Tending Machine


Customized design

Suitable for all pot technologies (from low amperage to the highest current amperage)

Highest classifications and ratings according to international standards

Hydraulically, pneumatically or electro-mechanically operated

Suitable for extreme temperatures

Lifetime up to more than 30 years





Main functions

Operation from cabin or via remote control
One man operation, semi-automatic or fully automatic
Single, double or triple anode change
Quick connection coupling for tools
Automatic anode levelling
Independent endless turning of tool turret and cabin
Pot cover handling– manually operated or fully  automatic
Deck Plate Cleaning
Failsafe Anode Clamping device (fall down protection)
Handling of the tapping crucible up to 40 t
Handling of Anode Jacking Frame
Aux. hoists for various hook lifting duties e.g. mobile hoppers, pot shells etc.
Hoppers/silos for Crushed Bath Material, Alumina, Aluminiumfluorid, Aluminiumoxid

Compelling benefits


Semi-automatic / Automatic positioning system

Data communication with the plant control system

Economic design

Modular design

Easy maintenance access

Minimum 3-Level-Insulation-System with monitoring



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REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023

REEL wishes you a happy new year 2023!

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Groupe REEL takes over CNIM Systèmes Industriels, which designs and produces large-scale complex mechanical systems.

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