Reactor Building Cranes

Reactor building cranes / Polar cranes

Reactor building cranes  are used to transport the Castor fuel element cask, lift the screening bar, cover assembly the reactor pressure vessel and other outage work.

Rector building cranes  offer in addition to the main trolley with specified operating loads and special loads a catenary trolley and special trolley. The special trolley drives diagonally to the main trolley direction for the precise positioning of smaller loads while the bridge travel unit is stationary.

All hoists are designed with single failure proof and redundant NKM Noell Special Cranes safety solutions (e.g. in accordance with KTA 3902-4.3) that prevent a load drop. In this connection, NKM Noell Special Cranes has also developed and put in use purpose-built monitoring systems.

The special hoist is usually manufactured as a high-grade steel hoist (austenitic materials) making it possible for the hook to dip directly into the reactor pond.

The crane control generally takes place on the reactor level by means of a mobile control console or via remote control. State-of-the-art visualisation solutions are standard with us.

The e-control plant is accommodated in a passable air-conditioned bridge girder or in the front beam.


 Semi portal cranes

Semi portal cranes transport loads (e.g. fuel element Castor casks, etc.) from the nuclear power plant access road to the platform of the materials lock (access to the reactor building). The top trolley with redundant safety hoists in accordance with KTA 3092-4.3 is specified for different operating loads and special loads

The e-control plant is located either on the trolley itself or in an e-container at the bottom between the concrete legs on the reactor side. The crane operation takes place either via cabin control or remote control.


Turbine cranes

These crane units serve to assemble the turbines and later on for the inspection and repair work in the machinery house of a power station.

For this purpose, NKM Noell Special Cranes  supplies crane units with different specified load capacities.

The crane can be controlled from the cabin, ground control or via remote control. The e-technology is usually accommodated in a passable bridge girder


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REEL and REEL NKM NOELL  stand together with all their 2’300 employees, with all their customers and suppliers.

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