Waste Cranes

NKM Noell Special Cranes refuse grab and bulky refuse grab cranes adopt a key position in environmentally friendly waste incineration, as they load the waste incinerators with the mixed refuse.

Waste Incineration Plants burn household as well as hazardous waste from trade and industry in order to create thermal and electro energy.

The familiar open landfill sites for waste deposit were limited or closed throughout Europe. This means waste incineration and composting have taken on an even greater profile throughout the world.

Our cranes can either be equipped with a 4-rope operation grab or a hydraulic motor grab.

The 4-rope operation grab requires 2 hoists to support the grab and to close and open it. As the 4-rope operation grab has a redundancy of the hoist, a residual service life of the hoist cannot be proven. The motor grab is only really used to life fire pockets in the refuse bunker.

Refuse Cranes

Refuse cranes can be controlled manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. The fully automatic operation is predominantly intended for nighttime operation and on Sundays and holidays, as no deliveries take place at these times. Keeping the tipping points during the day takes place with manual operation, as overfilling the grab with refuse is prevented. The grabs used for > 6m³ volume are multi-bladed grabs.

The control station and the switch cabinets are stored in separate rooms and not accommodated on the crane. The cranes must allow a very high availability.

Bulky Waste Cranes

Bulky Waste Cranes transport bulky goods, like wooden beams, which are then crushed by rotating blades in the bulky waste crusher. The crushed pieces are then taken to the general refuse bunkers and the incinerators are then loaded by means of the refuse grab crane.

Slag Cranes

Slag Cranes use double-bladed grabs to transport the ash from the ash bunker to the open containers or to the dump truck. 24-hour fully automatic operation is possible.

Container cranes

Container cranes (with spreader lifting beam transport the slag-filled containers to the intermediate storage. Our cranes are controlled fully automatically. If required, the hoist can be equipped with a slewing gear.

Fully automated cranes

All above mentioned cranes can also be designed as fully automated cranes.

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REEL and its teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022!

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