Steel Cranes

The metallurgical plants use robust cranes with a high availability for the pig iron, steel, high-grade steel and copper production. Often alongside the DIN EN and the FEM standard, familiar factory standards for the metallurgical plants for the design of the components are implemented.

Cranes are needed for scrap handling, pig iron transportation, casting, forging and for transporting slabs and coils.

 Ladle Cranes

Ladle Cranes are used in two- or four-girder construction with one or two trolleys. The cranes have a ladle with bladed hook. The radiation heat is absorbed by radiation protection so as to protect electronic parts and cables from very high temperatures. The cranes are controlled from a cabin or by remote control. Cabins and power rooms are air-conditioned.

Scrap Box Charging Crane

Double or single girder crane equipped with 2 trolleys and designed to transport and discharge the scrap boxes into the converter. The load handling device consists of a suspended box tilting gear (3-point rope suspension) provided with 4 laminated hooks.

Forging Cranes

Forging Cranes are exposed to a strong alternating load when forging the materials. This is why the chain suspension of the hoist is mounted spring-loaded on the trolley.

Copper Cranes

Copper cranes are automatic cranes including purpose-built load carrying devices for changing anodes and cathodes in the electrolysis process of copper.

 Magnet Beam Cranes

Magnet Beam Cranes have one or more round, rectangle or special profile magnets as load carrying devices. These are used to transport metal and profiles. If required, a rotating beam with a swivel range of max. 270° can be used. A buffer battery with a holding time of 10 to 20 minutes can be used to bypass power failures.

Fully Automated Cranes

All above mentionned cranes can also be designed as fully automated cranes.

Fully Automated Cranes are available 24-hours a day, e.g. in the metal warehouse for storing and taking out of storage various qualities and dimensions of metal. A vacuum load beam is used as a load-carrying device; this can swivel 270° by means of a rotating hoist


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