MÖLLER® Multi-TURBUFLOW®-Transport-System



Smooth pneumatic transport with low conveying velocity
Low energy consumption
Self-regulating, no blockages; re-start possible with a full pipe
Low maintenance and high reliability
Reduced air requirement – small compressors and filters

A pneumatic conveying system that delivers productivity and efficiency

If you thought pneumatic conveying systems were uneconomical, it’s time to think again. The patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® pneumatic transport system is one of the most economical systems in bulk materials handling technology. The innovative pipe-in-pipe design keeps the system blockage free. 

A reliable, efficient pneumatic conveying system – with a difference

Conveying systems are like the arteries of your process plant. When they go down, everything stops. And sometimes you’re left with a huge clear-out operation before you can start up again.

You need a highly reliable system that is low maintenance, consumes little energy, but that operates with the highest efficiency. The patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® dense-phase conveying system is specially designed for transporting fine bulk materials. The system is characterised by the unique inner bypass pipe, which automatically creates local turbulence to ensure blockage free pneumatic transport. This pipe-in-pipe technology allows you to re-start the system after an unplanned shut down, while the pipe is still full of material. The low conveying velocity with high material/air ratio gives you a smooth, efficient material transport system that experiences remarkably little wear.

With the highest operational reliability and very low operational and maintenance costs, the patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® system is one of the most economical systems in bulk materials handling.


A new way for dense- phase conveying

Transporting fine-grained materials requires a detailed knowledge of the specific bulk material characteristics, clients’ requirements and the ambient conditions. We’ve done the research. And with more than 35 years of MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW®, we have found the most efficient way to move fine bulk materials. The low velocity of the MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® reduces the wear on your system and the amount of friction between the particles, which can have an impact on product quality. But slow doesn’t mean you miss out on productivity – our patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® dense-phase conveying systems enable you to shift high capacities even with low velocities, to ensure you can still achieve the throughput you need.

Less wear means less maintenance. Less cost. Greater availability. And the slower movement also has a positive impact on your energy use, giving you lower energy costs. All of which adds up to some impressively low operating costs.

The reduced air requirement translates to small compressors and filters, making this an all-round compact and cost-effective operation.

The inner bypass pipe supplying air to the process keeps things moving, ensuring there are no blockages in the system. Pipe-in-pipe technology also makes it possible to re-start the system with a full pipe, should some other problem in your process necessitate an unplanned shutdown.

Beyond the norm: MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® dense-phase pneumatic conveying system

Key to the success of the MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® is its ability to convey fine-grained materials at low velocities. Lowering the velocity lowers the wear on equipment, which increases reliability. However, low conveying speed is often to blame for plugged pipes. That’s where the pipe-in-pipe technology comes in, ensuring the material flow keeps moving. This continuously eliminates the potential for blockages and enables conveying distances in excess of 4000 m and more. And the conveying air used is significantly lower than in other conveying systems, which brings down energy costs.

Application range

We continue to develop the patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW® Transport System to increase the range of tasks for which it is suited. To date, applications include:

Pneumatic dense-phase pressure vessel conveying in power plants, alumina smelter plants, cement works and related industry sectors
Well proven for fly ashes, aluminium oxide, cement, raw mix and many other fluidisable bulk materials
As part of the Multi-TTS transport system in coal-fired power stations to convey all types of fly ash from the ESP and fabric filters directly to the silo station.

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