Furnace Tending Assembly – FTA

To support the operations in an anode bake furnace REEL NKM Noell offers a Furnace Tending Assembly.

Suitable for -40 … +80 °C ambient temperature

Coke filling capacity 100 tph per filling pipe

Coke suction capacity 100 tph
@ 350 °C nominal

Dust generation < 4 kg/ton anodes

Anode handling 8-9 tonnes of anodes

Optional Flue Wall handling; 30 tonnes SWL



Main functions

Heated and/or air-conditioned cabin with ergonomically designed, fully adjustable operator chair with touch screen
Heated and/or (redundant) air-conditioned electrical room
Fully gravity-operated, fail-safe anode handling grab(s)
Single or double anode grab
Coke handling system with double protection system and de-dusting throughout
Single or double filling pipe
Automatic positioning system on long – and cross travel
Data communication with the plant via Wi-Fi Ethernet
Full maintenance access
Optionally with utilities to handle the flue wall maintenance equipment
Frequency controlled long – and cross travel, and anode -, filling pipe, suction pipe and flue wall hoist

The furnace tending assembly will carry out the following operations:

Pits loading

Filling the furnace pits with a bottom layer of coke to stabilize the 1st layer of anodes.

Taking bundles of green anodes and placing them into the pits.

Filling the spaces around the green anodes inside the pits with packing material from the packing material bin, through gravity; simultaneously sucking off dust.

Sucking the packing material from the pits through pneumatic (vacuum) suction into the packing material bin.

Separating fines from the suction air into the main dust bin.

Separating dust from the suction air into the filter dust bin.

After completion of the suction action, emptying the filter dust bin into the main dust bin.

Taking bundles of baked anodes out of the furnace pits.

Regularly emptying the main dust bin into a building-mounted recycle bin.

Pit unloading

Optionally, performing various flue wall maintenance operations

Inspecting the flue walls with flue wall maintenance platform (FWMP)

Cleaning flue walls with a flue wall cleaning machine (FWCM), using rotating brushes or sweeping brushes

Straightening flue walls with a flue wall straightening machine (FWSM)

Removing and handling used flue walls with a flue wall demolition grab (FWDG)

Preparing new flue walls in a flue wall building machine (FWBM) or flue wall elevator (FWE)

Storing new flue walls in flue wall storage racks (FWSRs)

Handling new flue walls with a flue wall lifting beam (FWLB) or flue wall lifting clamp (FWLC)

Handling single anodes (out of the pit) with a single anode grab (SAG).

Performing various lifting jobs i.e. handling of fire ramps, bins, etc.

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