Flue Wall Lifting Beam – FWLB

After a while of operation the flue walls get worn and need to be replaced.

To be able to replace a flue wall it must be demolished and removed.

Thereafter, a new prefabricated flue wall will be put in place.

For this, a Flue Wall Lifting Beam (FWLB) is offered.

The FWLB is handled by the FTA’s flue wall hoist (on the trolley).

When a flue wall has been prepared, the main beam (with suspended parts) of the flue wall lifting beam assembly is set on the flue wall.

The tightening screws are inserted in the appropriate holes.

At this moment the tightening screws and side frames/flanges are all hanging loose.

While aligning the side frames/flanges and the T-connections, 4 shafts will be pushed through and fixed on either end.

The hand wheels on top can now be rotated to tighten the assembly and clamp the wall in between.

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