Imeca launches the AgilisTM The enabler for placing the SWL in air @ “unlimited” water depth with incredible energy efficiency

The Imeca AgilisTM offers unique features that directly address the call cost reduction from operators, while providing contractors and vessel owners with a means to distinguish themselves.

Based on many years of experience and proven track record of our offshore cranes team, we have designed the AgilisTM in such way that it can be easily retrofitted onto a new-build design or retrofitted to existing vessels instantly increasing efficiency.

Two elements were high on the agenda when developing this piece of equipment :

  • enabling to place the SWL in air at unlimited water-depth and
  • increase the energy efficiency as much as possible.

The AgilisTM subsea cranes feature Imeca’s patented fiber rope handling system.

Since fiber rope is neutral buoyant in water the length of the rope in water does not affect the lifting capacity, allowing large subsea lifts from relatively small vessels. In addition the low weight and COG of the AgilisTM help to reduce the required vessel size even further.

To make the AgilisTM the most energy efficient subsea crane in the market the crane has electric winches and slewing motors. This reduces the energy consumption with 30% compared to electric-hydraulic drive systems. In addition Imecas patent pending peak-shaving solution optimizes power demand. Due to this tremendous power efficiency it becomes very interesting to make use of the generated power when lowering a load to depth. Optionally AgilisTM can be outfitted with an energy storage solution enabling AgilisTM to become a net producer of energy instead of a consumer.

About Imeca

At Imeca we enable our clients to construct the infrastructure for offshore energy production, and do offshore transshipment. We are client driven with a strong technological base. Rational, Economic, Elegant & Light is part of our DNA. We are at our best as sparring partner for our clients, deeply involved in their operational process where our solutions can make a difference. We provide lifting, handling and integrated systems & services for large-scale engineering structures in the offshore energy and bulk handling markets.

Imeca is a trademark of Reel S.A.S.

For more information:
Contact: Mattijs Faber
Telephone: +31 20 6556385
Address: Kruisweg 643, 2132NC, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

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