REEL ALESA latest ship unloader on board of the Biglift, heading to Iceland…

REEL Alesa is the world’s leading provider of high capacity pneumatic ship unloaders to the aluminium industry

We build the largest pneumatic ship unloaders (up to 1,500 tonnes per hour) for the aluminium industry, serving smelters around the globe. Ship loaders as well as combined ship loaders/unloaders are available for a wide variety of bulk materials.

On the land side we are highly specialised, providing complete loading and unloading stations for vehicles such as railcars, trucks and potroom vehicles.

Customers all over the world continue to place their trust in our innovative bulk loading/unloading technology and cost effective, process driven solutions.

Compelling benefits
•Highly efficient and reliable operation
•Designed specifically for the aluminium industry
•Safe and environmentally friendly; absolute no dust emission
•Vehicle: 2 in 1; load and unload in same station possible
•Ship unloader: 3 in 1; unload alumina, coke and fluoride


ITER Council milestone #50 successfully achieved . WELL DONE to ALL

It was a display of Titans, with no less than 1,000 tonnes of steel and concrete test loads attached to the giant hoists

As the world mobilizes to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus,

REEL and REEL NKM NOELL  stand together with all their 2’300 employees, with all their customers and suppliers.

ITER : Upending the steel cradle

Travelling the entire length of the assembly space (~ 170 metres), the REEL overhead cranes will be the workhorses

Some news from ITER : load tests on the assembly bridge cranes

In this second phase of testing, the bridge cranes will be fitted with two 350-tonne test loads 

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