Bulk Handling

Floating cranes, designed and optimised to meet today’s demanding requirements for bulk vessel loading and unloading.

Our wide experience with harbour cranes guarantees that we always have the best solutions.

  • Flexibility

NKM Noell’s floating grab cranes are fitted with heavyduty pontoons for flexible operations everywhere in the port area, on inland waterways and on the open sea.

  • Progressive crane design

Continuous innovations in combination with the use of proven technology lead to cost-effective crane operations. Daily practice and the requirements of profitable bulk cargo handling drive our engineers’ innovative designs.

  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient

A combination of optimised balance, energy buffering and control technology has resulted in energy savings of up to 30 % and a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions.

  • Ergonomics in cab

The wellbeing of the operator contributes to high capacities and lower costs. That is why NKM Noell offers a completely new crane driver’s cabin. The dynamic suspension of the entire cab provides the highest level of ergonomic comfort and easy operation to the operator. The improved cabin position ensures a 100% overview of the operation under all conditions anywhere in the hold.

  • Capacity

From 16, 25, up to 50 tonnes of payload at a hoisting/ luffing speed of up to 160m/min, the NKM Noell floating grab cranes provide a capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes per hour.

  • Maintenance package and refurbishment

NKM Noell offers a special after-sales and maintenance package. We can provide the entire package of maintenance and thus enable you to continue to deploy your cranes as effectively as possible in the most cost efficient manner. Whether it concerns a NKM Noell crane or not, our specialised division for maintenance, retrofit and refurbishment can fully upgrade your existing cranes.

The floating grab crane of NKM Noell is leading in technology, discharge capacity and profitabality..

Continuous innovations in combination with the use of proven technology are the key to our success, leading to cost-effective crane operations. Daily practice and the requirements of profitable bulk handling drive our in-house engineers to come up with optimum crane concepts based on innovative technology. This results in a perfectly operating, 100% reliable crane – without the risk of fall-out. Safe and environmentally friendly.

The NKM Noell floating grab crane makes it possible to tranship more tonnes per hour at lower cost per tonn with a smooth, economical performance. Each crane is completely custom-built and thereby perfectly adapted to the specifications and wishes of the client.

IMECA supplies fast traveling pipe loading crane in primary process of ALLSEAS’s pioneering spirit

The assembly, installation and commissioning were executed in close cooperation with Allseas under IMECA supervision.

Our 360° VR application on the aluminium exhibition in Düsseldorf

REEL Alesa and NKM Noell Special Cranes were excited to present their new VR experience on their booth in Düsseldorf

Some news of Iter project progress

Assembly Hall One giant standing

NKM Noell Special Cranes & REEL Alesa will participate to ALUMINIUM 2018 in Düsseldorf, October 9-11


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