Platinum sponsor at the IBAAS conference

REEL ALESA and NKM Noell are proud to announce their attendance as Platinum sponsor and exhibitor to the IBAAS conference & exhibition.

This main event organized by IBAAS (International Bauxite Alumina & Aluminium Society) will take place from the 5th to the 7th of September at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai INDIA and will bring together the key players of the Indian aluminium industry.

IBAAS 2018 theme will be: “Indian Aluminium Industry – Status, Strategies & Way Forward for Accelerated Growth”.

Decades of experiences in INDIA with projects for Nalco, Hindalco, Vedanta, and so make REEL ALESA and NKM Noell the ultimate partners for all materials handling projects.

Looking forward to meeting with you there and, to look “together toward performance”.

REEL ALESA latest ship unloader on board of the Biglift, heading to Iceland…

REEL Alesa is the world’s leading provider of high capacity pneumatic ship unloaders to the aluminium industry

Alba Line 6 smelters : REEL Alesa’s successful startup of its latest pot feeding system

REEL Alesa is proud to announce the successful startup of the first pots of its latest HDPS™ pot feeding system at Alba

REEL Alesa and NKM Noell are proud to participate as Platinium sponsor to the INCAL

conference & exhibition from Jan 31st to Feb 3rd in Bhubaneswar India. Booth B34

Greetings 2019

We wish you a very Happy and Successful Year ahead !

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